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AHC Communities Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. If you have any questions relating to this Privacy Policy please contact your Community Administrator or AHC's Data Protection Officer.

Who is collecting my data?

Data is collected by the Community Administrator, Anthony Hodges Consulting Ltd (AHC). The Data Controller is AHC who can be contacted at:
Heath Hall
West Yorkshire
01924 203900

What data is being collected?

As a member you provide your:

(We suggest that you use your work email address, subject to your own company policy.)

What is the legal basis for processing my data?

The legal basis for processing community member data is contractual. For anyone wishing to apply to become a member the legal basis for processing their data is legitimate use.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored on AHC's UK servers and, in the case of website analytics cookies, by Matamo. We will not transfer your data outside the EEA.

Will my data be shared with any third parties?

We use Matamo for website tracking. For more details please see our Cookie Policy . No other data is shared with any third parties.

How will my data be used?

Your data is used to enable us to contact you for an initial welcome and community tour, maintain personal contact and provide email alerts to any feeds you subscribe to. The email address is also used for weekly newsletters from the site administration team at AHC. You may unsubscribe from these emails at any time either from the link at the bottom of the email or by contacting the administrator. In addition we store this data for the legitimate purposes of administrating the community websites including to verify your identity.

Full details of how we use your data

We process the personal data listed above for the following purposes:

We require this information in order to enter into a contract with you and are unable to do so without it;

How long will my data be stored for?

Your data will be stored for the duration of your membership plus a further eighteen months if/when your membership has expired. We are also required to retain certain information as required by law or for as long as is reasonably necessary to meet regulatory requirements, resolve disputes, prevent fraud and abuse, or enforce our terms and conditions.

What are my rights?

As a data subject, you have a number of rights. You can:

If you would like to exercise any of these rights, or you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact AHC's Data Protection Officer. If you believe that the Company has not complied with your data protection rights, you have the right to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office.

Please read our Cookie Policy for information on managing community website cookies.

Who do I contact to find out more?

If you would like to know more about how we administrate your data, or for any other queries, please contact your Community Administrator at

Cookie policy

A cookie is a file downloaded with a web page. It is used to pass information between the user (the person looking at the website) and the server (the computer running and managing the website). Most websites use cookies.

Cookie information is a collection of letter and number codes representing data from the simple (for example whether a user has seen a particular page in a website) to the sophisticated (including whether a user has provided feedback on a particular aspect of the website).

Why are cookies used?

Cookies allow a website to recognise a user's device. This means that if you look at the site on your phone and then on your laptop you may count as two different visitors. Sometimes the information is needed for a particular part of a website to work properly.

So-called 'third party' cookies often include information about which adverts you have been shown. We do not use any third party cookies on this site.

On the AHC website we use cookies for the following reasons:

What cookies are used on this website and why?

Cookie Policy Auto-deletes
SESSIONID To identify you as having logged in and to be able to distinguish you between other users of the site and allow you to post discussions etc. End of session
CACHELOGIN End of session
PHPSESSID Session cookies. To distinguish you from other simultaneous users of this website and to facilitate security on the available online forms (e.g. contact us, feedback etc.) End of session
THREEPWOOD_ACCEPTED Persistent cookies. To identify that you have accepted the use of cookies within this website. Annually, unless significant changes have been made to the cookies used, or the purposes for which they are used.
TAOS_TRACK_SESSSION Analytics cookies. To provide information about your visit such as to count the number of unique visitors and to see how they move around the site. This helps us to know which areas of the site are most valued and how best to update the site in the future. End of session.
TAOS_PAGE_NO End of session.
TAOS_LAST_NODE End of session.

How do I manage cookies?

You can choose to disable cookies by changing settings within your browser as indicated below. You can also choose to delete cookies once you have finished with the website - some cookies will delete themselves automatically.

Your first step to managing cookies on your machine is to select which browser you use from the following list:

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0:

  1. Choose Tools > Internet Options
  2. Select the Privacy tab
  3. Move the slider to suit your preferences.
  4. Click 'OK' to save your changes

Internet Explorer 5.0:

  1. Choose Tools > Internet Options
  2. Select the Security tab
  3. Select Internet then Custom Level and choose your preferred option.
  4. Click 'OK' to save your changes

Internet Explorer 4.0

  1. In the main menu choose View > Internet Options
  2. Select the Advanced tab
  3. Choose your preferred option under the Security heading.
  4. Click 'OK' to save your changes

Internet Explorer 3.0

  1. In the main menu choose View > Options
  2. Select the Advanced tab
  3. Choose whether to turn on 'Warn before Accepting Cookies'
  4. Click 'OK' to save your changes

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox 10.0, 9.0, 8.0, 7.0, 6.0, 5.0 and 4.0

  1. Choose from Firefox > Options or Tools > Options or
    Edit > Preferences (depending on which of these you have available)
  2. Select the Privacy tab
  3. Select Custom settings for history from the 'Firefox will' dropdown menu
  4. Choose whether to Accept cookies from sites and set your preferences
  5. Click 'OK' to save your changes

Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and 2.0

  1. Choose Tools > Options
  2. Select the Privacy tab
  3. Choose whether to Accept cookies
  4. Click 'OK' to save your changes

Mozilla Firefox 1.0

  1. Choose Tools > Options
  2. Select Privacy
  3. Choose whether or not to Allow sites to accept cookies
  4. Click 'OK' to save your changes

Google Chrome:

  1. Choose Settings using the spanner/customise button
  2. Select Under the hood
  3. In the Privacy section choose Content Settings... and set your cookie preferences
  4. Close the Content Settings overlay to save your changes
  5. Now (still in Privacy) select Clear browsing data... and make your changes
  6. Select Clear browsing data to save these changes.


You can choose to set cookie preferences specifically for this website or for all websites.

To set preferences just for this website:

  1. Right-click on a page in this website (this page is fine) and select 'Edit Cookie Preferences' from the menu
  2. Activate the cookie tab
  3. Choose your preferred settings

To set preferences for all websites:

  1. Choose Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Cookies
  2. Choose your preferred settings


  1. Choose Safari > Preferences
  2. Select Security
  3. Set your preferences


You should be able to adjust your cookie preferences within the settings menu of your internet browser.

What is the EU directive?

As part of a wider review of data protection policies for EU citizens a new Cookie Law was introduced in May 2011 - effective from May 2012 in the UK. Previously cookies could be used as long as there was a way for the user to opt out. The new law basically means that from May 2012 no cookies can be placed on your machine without your consent. This means the new law is more pro-active.

How is this site complying?

In this website you accept the use of cookies by clicking on any link within the site other than the 'Read more' cookie policy link. You can review What cookies are used on this website and why? in the table above.

Where can I get more information?

For more information about cookies see: and